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 PHPlist Newsletter Integration

 Follow-up with Customers

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This extension integrates the popular PHPList newsletter application with Magento. PHPList is a newsletter application that allows you to send newsletters to lists of subscribers. This extension works by adding a newsletter checkbox to the billing address form during checkout. This checkbox is checked by default and customers can choose to uncheck the box if they do not want to be automatically subscribed to the newsletter.

When a customer checks out on your store, if the newsletter checkbox is checked, this extension will automatically add the customers e-mail to your configured subscriber list so that you can contact them with future newsletters. This is a useful extension for stores wishing to contact their customers regularly with marketing or sale material. An installation of the free PHPList platform is required. It can be downloaded here.

PHPList Extension Features:

  • Adds Newsletter checkbox on Billing Page of Checkout
  • Allows Customers to Opt-in to Your Newsletter
  • Automatically Adds Customers who Opt-in to Your Subscriber List
  • Custom Database Configuration Options

This extension can be configured to use either a shared Magento database or if you have PHPList connected to a separate database you can configure those settings as defined below:

  • Enabled - Must be set to Yes for the extension to be enabled.
  • Shares Magento Database - This defines whether or not PHPList shares a database with Magento.
  • Database Hostname - Set this to the hostname where your PHPList database is running. Typically this will be set to localhost
  • Database Port - Set this to the port your MySQL database is running on. Default port is 3306.
  • Database Name - This is the database name that contains your PHPList tables.
  • Database Username - The user who has access to the database with read/write privileges.
  • Database Password - The password for the Database Username.
  • Database Table Prefix - This is the prefix used for your PHPList database tables. The default is phplist_
  • Newsletter List - This is the name of the list you want new subscribers to be added to.
  • Enable Debug - This option will enable writing debug information from the extension to the Magento logs.

Click here for more detailed Installation & Configuration Instructions