Walmart Extension Installation Instructions

To install the Walmart Extension for Magento you will need to follow one of the following methods. If you downloaded the extension you will follow the installation instructions for the download method, otherwise if you're using Magento Connect then you will follow those instructions below.

Download Method Install Instructions

This method works if you purchased the extension from and downloaded the MM_Walmart-1.0.0.tgz file.

  1. Once you have the package file downloaded, login to your Magento admin and go to System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager
  2. In the following location click choose file and select the file that you downloaded.
  3. Click the Upload button to upload the extension and install it.
  4. Your new extension should now be installed. You may now proceed to the Configuration Instructions below.

Magento Connect Install Instructions

  1. To install the extension via Magento Connect you will first need the extension key. On the Magento Connect site, select the options for your platform and click Get Extension Key:
  2. Once you have the extension key copied, go to your Magento admin and click System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager.
  3. Paste the key into the following field and click Install.
  4. Your new extension should now be installed. You may now proceed to the Configuration Instructions below.

Configuration Instructions

  1. In your Magento admin proceed to System->Configuration. Once there, in the left menu scroll down and click on Walmart Integration under the sub-heading.
  2. Start by enabling the extension and change the dropdown to yes.
  3. Next enter the Consumer ID, Private Key and Consumer Channel Type. You can find on these credentials on your seller account at using the following steps:
    1. Login to
    2. Click on the Gear icon
    3. Click on Consumer ID and Private Keys
    4. On the API page you will find your credentials for the extension. Please note the Consumer Channel Type is the same for everyone.
  4. Select Yes or No to enable Inventory, Price, Product and/or Order synchronization.
  5. Enter a Fulfillment Lag Time. This is the number of days it will take you to ship the order from the time it is placed.
  6. Enter a Prefix for Order Id. This number will be added to the beginning of each order number to easily identify orders.
  7. Select Yes or No to enable E-mail Notifications on new Orders.
  8. Enter a Notification E-mail for E-mail Notifications on New Orders to be sent to.
  9. Select Yes or No to enable or disable Debug. This will write any errors to the Magento  system.log.

Additional Configuration Instructions

At a minimum you must enter a Product ID, Category and Brand on each product. These fields are required for listing products on the Partner API.

  1. Edit your product and you will see a new Walmart tab in the left menu.
  2. Enter the Product ID, Category and Brand.
  3. Additional fields may also be required depending on which category you choose to list your product in.
  4. Alternatively you may also update all your products category and brand at once using the Update Attributes feature in the Manage Products grid however each product must have a unique Product ID.

Adding Products to

Once you have your products configured with at least a Product ID, Category and Brand you may continue listing your products on

  1. In the main menu click Sales Channels -> Walmart -> Listings
  2. Click the Add Products button to add products to
  3. You can add products one of two ways.
    1. By clicking the Add link to the right of a product or
    2. By checking the boxes on multiple products and using the Actions dropdown to add multiple products